Drakengard 3

In the previous Drakengard titles, there tended to be an ally dragon to help with all the carnage on the battlefield. While that may be the more logical choice if one were to get the opportunity to choose between a dragon or mere human, this time around for Drakengard 3, you can have the best of both worlds. The human reinforcements that can accompany you on the battlefield are referred to as “Apostles”. Four male Apostles have been revealed thus far, and you can expect each one to reign in a certain type of player. Each companion in Drakengard 3 will have their own unique attitude, interests, and fighting style. However, only two can be brought out at a time. Companion and Dragon info can be found below in a neat fashion.

  • Mikhail– Zero’s (the main protagonist) devastating white dragon companion.
  • Tito– A wicked spear wielder who loves the shrieks of his fallen enemies.
  • Decato– A masochistic man that enjoys the gratification given by pain more than anything.
  • Cent– He’s quite the looker, and is surrounded in an aura of “Cool”.
  • Octal– Nothing out of the ordinary. (The lack of info regarding this specific Apostles could be taken as he’s the “normal” one within the group.)

Drakengard 3 sports quite the troop of companions, which could be a nice addition to the third (or fourth? Nier anybody?) return to the universe. Sqaure Enix’s Drakengard 3 is planned for arrival later on in the year in Japan for the PlayStation 3.



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