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Aeon Avenger

Kemco’s Aeon Avenger is currently on sale through iTunes for only $0.99! That’s 89% off the normal price of $8.99. The game revolves around a young man by the name of Lake, whose peaceful, rural life is shattered when the mysterious Man in Black and his band of ferocious monsters attack his town and kill his parents. Determined to get revenge, Lake sets out on a journey that will take him to through the past, present and future. With the help of a girl named Rean, Lake will search through the ages to avenge his village and parents.

Players will be able to travel back and forth through times – if there is an obstacle in one age, it is very likely that the key to solving it lies in another age. Maps, characters, relations – all of it will change as time progresses. Aeon Avenger also introduces the unique “Bit” system, in which players can attach “bits” to their characters to improve their powers in battle. These “bits” can also be evolved through time.

To see additional information and screenshots for the game, please visit the game’s official website.


Daymon Trapold
Daymon joined oprainfall because he has a deep, nerdy love for niche games—basically anything Atlus-/XSEED-/Aksys-/NIS-related. An obscene collector of such games (some may call it obsessive), he is also a part-time bassoonist and a full-time dork.