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Spot the Nintendo references! Awesome Super Mario Bros. 2/Ghostbusters 2 mash-up video goes viral

Following hot on the heels of Super Mario Busters – a mashup video which clocked up more than a million views in a matter of weeks – is a brand new sequel by animator James Farr.

The video, a combination of Ghostbusters 2 and the New Super Mario Bros.2, a Nintendo 3DS title widely considered to be one of the best Super Mario games ever made, has only just been posted on YouTube, but is already pushing nearly half a million views. Every memorable moment from Ghostbusters 2 is in there, as Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Yoshi battle ghosts, slime, even a possessed Mad Piano to save Princess Peach and Baby Mario from an ectoplasm-drenched demise.

However, for many fans, the New Super Mario Busters 2 video is not so much a piece of entertainment as it is a challenge. Farr, famous online for his hugely popular Xombie animated series, has thrown down the gauntlet and has challenged Nintendo fans to spot the references to other games that feature in his viral video. If you include nods to other games, inside jokes, characters and themes, there are likely to be hundreds of different Nintendo references crammed into the near six-minute video, but how many can you find?

You can watch the video below!

Spoiler alert!

If you want to take on the challenge and spot the Nintendo references in the New Super Mario Busters 2 video yourself, look away now. If not, you might be interested to know that some eagle-eyed fans have identified the following:

  • A giant Samus Aran, the protagonist from the Metroid series, as the Statue of Liberty brought to life
  • Mad Piano (from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS) playing true to type as, well, a mad piano chasing the Ghostbusters in a genuinely quite disturbing scene
  • An adorable Baby Mario from the Yoshi series as the kidnapped baby Oscar (Sigourney Weaver’s tot in Ghostbusters 2)

There are a heap more references to spot as well as these, so you might want to brush up on your Nintendo characters by replaying some of your favourite Super Mario games and perhaps giving the new Nintendo Land title a spin (loads of classic Nintendo characters are in there). Many much-loved Nintendo favourites are soon to be given a revamp for the new Nintendo U console, for which titles such as Mario Kart 8 and Wii Fit U are to be released, but this might be your only chance to imagine what a Super Mario Bros./Ghostbusters crossover game would be like.

New Super Mario Busters 2 Ghost

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