Paris Games Week Sony Conference 29

At Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference, Sony’s President Shuhei Yoshida says, “PlayStation VR is not a solo experience”. Guerrilla Games Cambridge has created RIGS as an exclusive multiplayer game for the PlayStation VR system. The game is an Esports title where you control mechs in different Esport style games.

Paris Games Week Sony Conference 26

Until Dawn Rush of Blood has also been announced. Hot off the success of Until Dawn, this will continue to be a horror game where players choices determine the outcome of the game.

Cryengin VR is joining PlayStation VR by developing Robinson the Journey. Robinson the Journey is a first person (obviously) adventure game where you follow a robot ball through deadly forests. Forgot to mention that there’s huge dinosaurs everywhere.

Shuhei Yoshida closes the PlayStation VR portion by announced that “200 developers” are working on games for the Virtual reality console.


Tekken 7 has also been announced for PlayStation VR.



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