J.J. Rockets - Keiji Inafune
Siliconera recently interviewed Keiji Inafune, who has been working on several projects since his departure from Capcom. In it, Inafune talks about the various projects he’s been working on, including J.J. Rockets, Kaio: King of Pirates, and more.

When asked about whether Kaio: King of Pirates would see an international release, Inafune stated that, “I feel that Kaio will appeal to America and the Western world since the story is unique and immersive. I’m a fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and it’s a great story. If you take it as a Chinese war story, it’s hard to get into if you’re from the West. With Kaio, I recreated it with a pirate theme and the characters are all animals. It’s easier for people to get into it since it’s totally recreated.”

Inafune also talked about the smartphone game J.J.Rockets, which was recently made unavailable in Japan. He thanked Siliconera for covering it as extensively as they did and creating interest in the game. When asked if it will ever come to the West, he said that it “might make a difference if people write in that they want to play it!”

Inafune went on to talk about some of his other projects, like the success of Soul Sacrifice in Japan, how he joined Guild02 to make Bugs vs. Tanks, and the progress of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, which he states is “coming together and moving forward”. You can read the full interview here.

Kyle Emch
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