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In addition to Casual Bit Games’ huge update for Battle Princess Madelyn on Switch today, there is also a discount of 30% on the game itself in the Nintendo Switch eShop ($13.99 £9.44 €10.49.). The big new update includes new modes, lots of fixes, and a bunch of quality of life improvements to the game.

The new Battle Princess Madelyn update has had many fans excited and will benefit new players as well. The press release provides some details on a couple of new modes. King Daddy Mode has the player take on the role of Madelyn’s father, King Daddy. This mode also ramps up the difficulty, while King Daddy tears through hordes of undead baddies with only his trusty Insanity Blade by his side. Players who manage to endure long enough to best this trial will find a surprise for Big Daddy waiting at the end.

Battle Princess Madelyn | Graveyard


Meanwhile, the second new mode mentioned in the press release is Boss Rush Mode. Players get to choose a weapon before taking on boss after boss. These new modes are already available in the PC and PS4 versions of the game, and are just now arriving for Switch owners. Christopher Obritsch of Casual Bit Games commented on listening to player feedback for this update:

“We listened, and took on-board a great deal of feedback from journalists, influencers and fans alike, and have tirelessly worked on and implemented some rock solid, challenging and pleasing solutions as well as creating some new features that we hope will please everyone. We now have a map to help guide players through the kingdom and foreign lands, and will aid them as they look toward completing the numerous quests in the game. We’ve also redesigned some of the more trickier levels, with the aim to allow players to progress through them in a more fluid and obvious way.”


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