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You read that right. A new Disgaea game called Disgaea Legion Battle is now on Japanese Android platforms for exactly zero dollars. If that doesn’t excite you, then how about this : It features characters from Disgaea 1-4, Disgaea Dimension 2 : A Brighter Darkness, Criminal Girls, Hayarigami, Phantom Brave, Legacista and Rhapsody. That is a lot of Nippon Ichi love right there, all in one single free game.

Disgaea Legion Battle Etna Card I oprainfall Disgaea Legion Battle Card Get! I oprainfall Disgaea Legion Battle Fight I oprainfall Disgaea Legion Battle I oprainfall

The “legion” aspect of the game comes into play when up to 15 players can team up to fight off rivals. Though the game itself is free, additional items can be unlocked via various microtransactions. What’s even better is that this game was released last Friday, April 26th; so those of you with Japanese Android devices, have fun. I can’t wait to see this beauty in action!

The game is available through Google Play.


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