Class of heroes 2


Gaijnworks finally opened up preorders for the physical release of Class of Heroes 2 for the Playstation Portable. By clicking the link, you will gain access to a special Amazon order. For $36.99, you will get a UMD with a case and manual, as well as a code that will allow you to download a digital version of the game when it is released on PSN. It has been said that the digital version of the game is supposed to be compatible with the PlayStation Vita. This physical release of Class of Heroes 2 is limited to 2,700 copies. Gaijinworks expects complete fulfillment in four to eight weeks.

Earlier today, Gaijinworks CEO Vic Ireland tweeted that “We’ve already sold 40% of the 2700”. Based on this tweet, it seems that this limited release is selling pretty well and very quickly, so if you are interested in this game and have not already jumped on the deal, you may want to do so soon.

SOURCE (Link to the presale page)

Justin Guillou
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