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Beginning today, Studio SHAFT has begun streaming the 7th and final promo video for their Magical Suite Prism Nana anime project. Check it out below!

Now, after around a year of waiting on this project, a lot of people across the internet are actually beginning to call the entire thing a hoax, saying that the project isn’t real or that it’s just “not gonna happen.” I, however, like to hold out hope that SHAFT will give us another delicious magical girl anime, and maybe this time without any surprise decapitation. I mean, they’ve gone to a lot of trouble, they’ve got voice actors, character designs, music, a whole plot synopsis, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t go through with the project at this point. That’s just a bit of my own conjecture, though.

Anyway, if you’d like to check out the rest of the promotional videos, you’ll want to do so at the official Magical Suite Prism Nana website, since YouTube removed the 6th PV for nudity and sexual content violations. Let’s call that removal your warning that the content in the 6th PV may be a little NSFW (though really, it’s just your standard beach fanservice video).


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