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(JAPAN) Corpse Party Blood Drive has been announced for the PlayStation Vita, in Japan! The game is the next in the Corpse Party Series and should release some time this year. This installment will pick up after chapter 8 of Corpse Party Book of Shadows, which makes sense as the 8th chapter was named Blood Drive. This entry will finish up the series and hopefully give fans a full look at what really happened.

Corpse Party Blood Drive will center around Heavenly Host Elementary and the Shinozoki House. The game also offers hope of bringing back some lost friends who we still miss. Those who have played through the series so far will certainly find that intriguing. We will have to wait for more details or possibly the release of the game to find out if that is just a tease, or something we will be able to do.

Corpse Party Blood Drive

What horrors does Heavenly Host Elementary School hold for us this time around? Ya’ll know that I love the Corpse Party games and can’t wait to see what comes with this entry! Fans are already hopping with this news and hoping that XSEED will deliver once more with a stellar localization for the west. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you every development on the game.


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