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Monster Hunter Online | oprainfall

There are some things you just never expect to see in your lifetime: intergalactic travel, the cure for cancer, the release of Half-Life 3, but could it be possible that we will be seeing a Monster Hunter MMO outside of Japan? A recent press release from Crytek seems to imply that Monster Hunter Online, Capcom’s current online free-to-play project, which is being developed for the Chinese market, could very well find its way to American shores sometime in the future. What follows is the press release in question (obtained from a NeoGAF thread):

CryEngine 3 set to Bring Monster Hunter Online and Legend of Yulong to Life

Crytek’s groundbreaking CryEngine technology is being used to create Monster Hunter Online, a major new collaboration between Tencent Games and Capcom that will see the popular Monster Hunter series released internationally on Windows platforms for the first time.

As a PC-exclusive installment in the hit Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter Online will give millions of new players the chance to experience the Japanese phenomenon. The MMORPG will contain Monster Hunter’s trademark blend of vast environments, awe-inspiring fantasy creatures and in-depth customization options.

“The Monster Hunter games are known for immersing players in breathtaking worlds where great gameplay and spectacular sights go hand in hand,” said Areil Cai, Director of Business Development. “CryEngine 3 is the perfect fit for the series, and will ensure Tencent Games and Capcom are well equipped to make Monster Hunter Online the groundbreaking MMORPG experience fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating.”

As well as being used in the creation of Monster Hunter Online, Tencent Games announced this week that Crytek’s CryEngine 3 would also be utilized for the development of Legend of Yulong Platinum Edition – a new version of a popular Chinese MMORPG that will offer players an enhanced, more realistic visual experience. With long-standing experience of the global engine business and an enthusiastic gaming community of millions to serve, Tencent’s continued reliance on CryEngine for high profile new projects is testament to the growing reputation of Crytek’s proprietary development software.

With over 20 million sales to date, Capcom’s Monster Hunter series enjoys huge popularity in Japan and boasts a growing army of followers around the globe. Monster Hunter Online will be developed for the international market by Tencent Games and Capcom, and marks an exciting new era for a series that has enjoyed critical praise to match its popularity with players.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear about a company bringing an MMORPG to “fans worldwide,” I like to think that die-hard fans in the West will be included in some of that beast-slaying goodness. With fans outside of Japan already missing out on the exclusive Monster Hunter Frontier, it would certainly be good to finally be involved in a larger-scale experience than the console versions of Monster Hunter have been able to offer.

Aside from this news, a trailer for Monster Hunter Online has also cropped up. Running on the CryEngine 3, even at this early stage of development, the game looks amazing, and easily puts Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s graphics to shame.

What do you think, hunters? Is this an idea you could get behind, or do you think that the Monster Hunter games are better suited for the home console scene, and not on a PC?


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