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DreamSail Games has announced its first game, Blade Ballet, slated to release on Steam and PS4. The premise is you control one of 10 different robot characters fighting on various dangerous arenas to claim dominance. Blade Ballet features 9 different arenas to challenge players, with hazards such as lava, falling tiles, lasers and more. As if that wasn’t enough, it will also feature 3 different play modes – Stock, Timed Death Match and Soccer. Touted as a hit at various conventions, such as PAX East and Evo, Blade Ballet might shape up to be a big multiplayer hit. To see what the game’s about, check out the screens and trailer below!

More About Blade Ballet

Blade Ballet is simple enough for anyone to pick up a controller and jump into the fray, but players must master the timing and unique abilities of each bot to come out on top. This makes the game easily accessible to new players, while allowing for a high skill ceiling to truly compete with your friends. Much of the Blade Ballet gameplay revolves around the innovative “blade spin” mechanic – players control their rotation to sneak past their opponents’ defenses and secure the kill.

About DreamSail Games

The DreamSail team is based in New York City, and is comprised of talented industry veterans and newcomers, including founder Justin Sanders (formerly of Insomniac Games), Kevin Porras (formerly of Scholastic), and Nicholas Gomes (formerly of Large Animal Games), and Neil Sveri (co-founder of Studio Mercato).
DreamSail Games believes that throwing players into otherworldly situations, alongside others, leads to unforgettable moments. They want their players to learn about themselves through their interactions with others, free from the constraints of reality.

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