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Yokai Watch

Level-5 Games, perhaps best known for their Professor Layton series of puzzle solving games, is working on a quirky new RPG for the 3DS. Titled Yokai Watch, it is slated to release in Japan on July 11th. Gameplay will revolve around the exploits of a young man named Keita (or a female character named Fumi-chan), who goes off searching for insects in the woods, only to instead discover a ghost butler named Whisper. Armed with a curious watch that allows him to view other supernatural creatures, he sets off on his quest.

Yokai Watch looks to revolve around catching and battling other yokai, supernatural entities which range the gamut from mischevious to dangerous, as well as fishing and bug catching. Sounds delightfully Japanese in the very best way. I can’t help but compare it to the Shin Megami Tensei and Pokemon series, but it looks less dramatic than the first and stranger than the second. One feature I’m already fond of after watching the trailer is the utilization of the touch screen to trigger dramatic attacks, a feature rarely utilized for RPGs on the DS or 3DS. You can enjoy that and more in the following trailer and picture gallery!


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