Ballpoint Universe is an indie sidescrolling shooter that features platform adventure elements as well. But probably the most impressive feature of the game is that all the artwork is hand-drawn with a ballpoint pen. The art is then scanned in and animated to create stunning visuals.


Ballpoint Universe is about a doodle named Doodle, who goes around exploring various doodle planets and interacting with strange and intriguing characters. While exploring, you can acquire new items for upgrading your ship, and get advice for your quest.

The missions feature gameplay reminiscent of classic space shooters with sidescrolling action. You can customize your ship with equipment you find along the way to suit the particular mission and exploit enemy weaknesses.


You will earn trophies based on how well you do in completing the missions. Yes, the trophies are drawn in ballpoint pen as well.

Ballpoint Universe will be released for PC and Mac via Desura on May 10, and is currently available for pre-order. In addition, you can vote for Ballpoint Universe on Steam Greenlight. Don’t forget to try the playable demo, and check out the trailer below.



Eric Chetkauskas
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