Dragon's Crown

Atlus continues to feed our need for Dragon’s Crown content with another video! This video showcases one of the six playable characters. We’re treated to the wonders of the Sorceress, and her many, many gifts.

The Sorceress wields the powers of ice, wind, and teleportation. Her more powerful spells appear to require some casting time, leaving her vulnerable. But these spells include a full on blizzard attack, the ability to transform enemies into frogs, and outright dropping giant boulders onto the battlefield. These powerful magic spells do not appear to be using a mana system. Instead, it looks like she is allotted a limited number of times to cast these spells. How she regains these allotments remains to be seen.

Dragon’s Crown is slated for a summer release for the PS3 and the Vita.


Karli Winata
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