In a press release put out by Square Enix today they have announced that Tifa Lockhart, the fan favorite character from Final Fantasy VII, is joining the cast of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, both the standard and free edition as DLC.

Tifa is an Assassin class character specializing in speed and fast hits. Her unique abilities include ‘Fever Time’, which increases the number of attacks she can land after executing successful combos, and her EX Skill ‘Limit Break’ allowing her to raise the strength of both her and her allies in battle. The Tifa Starter Pack DLC is available in the in game store for $5.99 USD with a an additional costume and weapon also available as another separate DLC package. Checkout the trailer below:

And in some non-Tifa news regarding Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, players will be able to download a free alternate costume for Zenos yea Galvus, the antagonist of Final Fantasy XIV‘s Stormblood expansion, until August 7th. If you play the game you might want to jump on that.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on both PlayStation 4 and Steam as both a free edition and a standard edition for $29.99 USD.

SOURCE: Press release.

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