Skullgirls | oprainfall

Skullgirls | oprainfall

Well, this news is a kick in the face. I’ve been holding onto hope that Skullgirls, the crazy fighter developed by Lab Zero Games and Revenge Labs, would see an eventual release on the fledgling Wii U system. After all, in my opinion, such a game is practically tailor made to Nintendo’s focus on retro graphics and tight, enjoyable gameplay.

Alas, right now this doesn’t look too likely. In a recent Tweet, Lab Zero games said it was unlikely that Skullgirls would become part of the Wii U library unless “sales pick up” or they “establish a digital presence”. Given how slow Nintendo has been to accomplish these goals over the last couple of years, I start to worry that I won’t be lucky enough to play this beautiful looking fighter.

Here’s hoping I’m proven wrong in the upcoming months, and that the Big N decides to blow us all away. In the meantime, I’m crossing my fingers…


Josh Speer
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