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Monster Hunter 4 logo
Two new monsters from Monster Hunter 4 were introduced in Famitsu this week.

The first of the new monsters is a snake-dragon-type monster called Garara Ajara. The second monster is a rhinoceros beetle creature called a Kunchuu. Kunchuus are small creatures, but to make up for it they attack in groups and work together to bring down their prey.

Also revealed by Famitsu this week is the “Unknown Sea of Trees.” The “Unknown Sea of Trees” is a new area within Monster Hunter 4 where you can catch up with characters Piggie and Nora Otomo. Monster Hunter 4 will be out this summer if you can get your hands on a Japanese copy. The rest of us will simply have to wait for the North American release.

If you would like to drool some more over this game, check out this sweet Monster Hunter 4 footage here. Make sure you skip to the 30-minute 32-second mark for the actual gameplay footage.


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