Puppeteer I oprainfall

Puppeteer I oprainfall

PS3 title Puppeteer is due to release September 11th 2013. Since I hadn’t personally heard about this title before today, and since it looks so amazing, I did a little research.

Directed by Gavin Moore, who served as lead animator for The Getaway, Forbidden Siren 2 and Siren: Blood Curse, Puppeteer follows the story of a young boy named Kutaro, who has been changed into a puppet and beheaded by the vengeful and perhaps crazy Moon Bear King. On his quest, he comes upon a pair of magical scissors, called the Calibrus, which allows players to attack enemies and cut away parts of the background to reveal secret paths.

All I know is that the game looks prettier than Little Big Planet, with a plot straight out of Tim Burton’s tool box with a bit of Okami flavor mixed in. If I didn’t already have a ton of reasons to buy a PlayStation 3, this game looks like it might just finally win me over. For those of you who already enjoy your PS3s, take a gander at the following trailer and start saving up money for this epic looking platformer!


Josh Speer
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