At GDC this week, new information and screenshots were made available for the upcoming Suda51 game Killer is Dead, an assassin story about love and execution.

Mondo Zappa, the game’s sharply dressed protagonist, is described by Suda to be a darker James Bond. He works at the government-funded Bryan’s Execution Agency and wields a katana and robot-arm with panache. In relation to Mondo’s suave appearance, the game’s narrative structure is designed to be like a TV serial, where each level serve as self-contained stories, or episodes, that develop into a larger plot. Something like a spy series.

The world in the game is supposed to express the relationship between the Earth and the moon. Evil things happen at the darker side of the moon, and minions are sent from there to the Earth to wreak havoc. It is unclear as to what involvement the assassins have, but the search for clarity is out of the question due to this being a Suda51 game.

The demo introduces a villain called Victor, who steals noise from musicians around the world to wipe out humans with an ultimate sound. Mondo would fight Victor’s underlings at his skyscraper until they confront each other, followed by awkward dialogue and a boss fight. The rest is academic, as Mondo attacks with his sword and dizzy, disable, or elongate sword combos before finishing his enemies with quick-time event finishers.

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Judging by these beautiful looking screens — which do no justice until seen in motion — they are described as looking familiar for players who enjoyed No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw. Noticeably, the screens look much closer to Killer7 than Suda’s recent outings, with its assassins-themed story, hard-boiled mannerisms, and surrealist presentation. The stark contrast between crushed black shades and overwhelming whites, along with its over-the-top comic book aesthetic, also rings a bell.

Killer is Dead is looking more amazing with every update, and looks to be yet another ambitious outing by the cleverly twisted auteur designer. The game will be arriving in stores this summer for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 under XSEED’s publication.

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