Forgotten Memories

Developer Wants to Terrorize Your Wii U with Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories

Psychoz Interactive, a company with a focus on bringing horror games to mobile platforms, has recently expressed an interest on Twitter saying that they are hoping to bring their latest game, Forgotten Memories, to the Wii U.

Forgotten Memories was developed using the Unity Engine, a technology best known for its flexibility and use in mobile and digital games. Back in September Nintendo announced a partnership with Unity Technologies, making it easier for developers who use the engine to port over their work from mobile and social platforms to the Wii U.

Now, before you cry “shovelware”, not all bad can come from ports of mobile games. Such as in the instance of Psychoz Interactive’s Forgotten Memories, this could mean that smaller developers with passion, drive and a great idea can get their games out to a wider audience.

Or perhaps this could possibly lead to a whole new Renaissance in the survival horror genre to home consoles.

In Forgotten Memories, players assume the role of Inspector Rose Hawkins as her search for a missing girl leads her to an old abandoned mental hospital. Fear plays a big part in the gameplay, as does puzzles, combat and working with other characters you encounter.

The game’s vibe is similar to that of the Silent Hill series of games and even the story feels pretty reminiscent of the series as well. This is definitely something survival horror fans should keep an eye out for.


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