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A very short teaser of the future of XCOM was shown off during Firaxis’ PAX East 2013 panel, hinting that a new alien threat may be aligning against planet Earth.

The teaser, which played a static-riddled message from the “councilman,” delivered an ominous message to close out the panel.

“This next one is big,” Jake Solomon said to the  panel attendees.  “You’re not going to see it anywhere else, we’re not even going to talk about it for a while. This is for those of you who care enough to be super fans and came to this panel. We wanted to give you a sneak peek at what may be coming next, so, we have an incoming transmission from the councilman.”

The message, although unclear on what was said, could possibly be as follows: “Hello Commander, the war continues, at great cost. We now believe another force has [static] against us, if not dealt with swiftly, they could destroy us. What we’re about to tell you cannot be repeated. Even now, enemy agents could be …”  The message cuts off after that point.

Let us know what you think of this mysterious XCOM teaser, although I have my suspicions that it could be DLC, but that’s just what I think.


Theophilus Fox
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