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It would seem that Marvel Heroes, Gazillion’s upcoming free-to-play MMO, finally has a release date, as well as a new trailer that shows off some of the game’s villains.

The game is set to go live on June 4, but those who purchase packs of in-game characters will be able to play the game early.  You can eventually unlock all characters through play and Marvel Heroes is selling three tiers of packs of characters, each offering a different level of early access to the game.

Starter Packs ($19.99) give you the choice of one character, two costumes, $15 dollars of in-game currency and two days of early access to the game.  There are nine premium packs ($59.99 each) that each have four characters, $55 of in-game currency, and four days of early access.  The Ultimate Pack ($199.99) gives you every character in the game, $50 of in-game currency, and seven days of early access.  You can order these packs on the Marvel Heroes presale site.

Also, you can watch the villain trailer bellow:

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