There is new information available about Caladrius, a new bullet hell shooter created by Moss, the developers who are responsible for the the Raiden series.  Among its features stands the new “no damage” mode in which you are, you might have guessed it, invincible.  While your ship takes no damage and a “game over” is impossible, all your failings will still be counted and displayed in the form of a “death score”.  Naturally, by utilising this mode you will not show up on the leaderboards.
Don’t worry, there are still several difficult levels for the veterans out there.

The artist for this game is  Suzuhito Yasuda (you can learn more about his contributions here), who also did illustrations for the Durarara!! light novel. As of now, there seems to be no conclusive information on whether this game will be region free or not. Maybe the fine folks in Europe should start bugging Rising Star Games. It wouldn’t be the first time we got a western release of a fine bullet hell shoot  ’em up thanks to them.

You can find a trailer below, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Now, I don’t know how you feel about classically hard games like Fire Emblem: Awakening and now Caladrius featuring separate modes for newbies and gamers who enjoy their games “casually,” but I feel pretty good about that. The inclusion of  these features is, as I see it, a valid and effective way to entice people formerly repelled by too high a difficulty. It won’t change anything for us long-term fans, aside from maybe having a few more people going on about how great those games are, lessening our sense of false superiority. I welcome that.

You wouldn’t complain about the inclusion of subtitles in DVDs because it makes it easier to foreigners to “understand your language”,  would you? Right? The game is slated for a release in Japan on April 25, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

In case you are skilled enough in Japanese, here is the link to the official Caladrius homepage.



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