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3D Super Hang-On Coming to Japan eShop

3D Super Hang-On

It looks like another Yu Suzuki arcade classic is getting the 3D treatment. A 3D remake of Super Hang-On has just been announced from Sega. Following last December’s release of a 3D remake of Space Harrier in Japan, 3D Super Hang-On will also be a 3DS release available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

3D Space Harrier had a wealth of features that made the game customizable for players, and it looks like 3D Super Hang-On will follow suite. Such game play options include the ability to adjust the game difficulty and the time limit. You will also be able to save replays and even save progress mid race. Also added is the option to choose which version you want to play, “Sit Down Type” or “Mini Ride on Type.” These are the two version on Super Hang-On released for arcades back in the 80s. The former being a replicate motorcycle that you could sit on and control by leaning your body to turn, and the later was an upright cabinet that the player controlled with handle bars.

In January 3D Space Harrier was announced for Australia, but no other western regions have been so lucky. No word on a western release date for 3D Super Hang-On.

3D Super Hang-On will be available on the Nintendo Japanese eShop for 600 yen on March 27th.


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