Diabolik Lovers

Whatever your feelings might be on the subject of vampire romances (Hate them with a burning passion? Can’t wait for the next big craze?), it’s clear that the trend hasn’t gone to ground just yet. Look no further than the evolution of the Diabolik Lovers franchise for proof.

The story of protagonist Yui Komori and her involvement with the six Sakamaki brothers started out as a series of drama CDs and eventually evolved into a game for the PSP, Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal-. Yui finds herself attending a nighttime high school and somehow ends up sharing a living space with six vampire brothers. The 2012 PSP game falls into the otome/dating sim category.

It isn’t surprising then that the game is now being adapted into an anime series. Diabolik Lovers More Blood is set to premiere in Japan this year. And if six vampires all vying for the protagonist’s attention wasn’t enough, there are  four new vampiric transfer students being added to the show’s cast. At this rate, it’ll be a miracle if anyone in this high school has any blood left by the end of season 1.

More information will no doubt soon be available at the Diabolik Lovers official website. Unfortunately for curious English speakers, it’s Japanese only.


Angela Hinck
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