In a recent post by EA regarding the new SimCity, Maxis’s General Manager Lucy Bradshaw explains that “The game we launched is only the beginning for us–it’s not final and it never will be.  In many ways, we built an MMO,” yes they built an MMO, she went on further to say “So, could we have built a subset offline mode? Yes, but we rejected that idea because it didn’t fit with our vision.  We did not focus on the ‘single city in isolation’ that we have delivered in past SimCities.”

Bradshaw also said that Maxis understands that fans of the series are upset that SimCity does not have an offline mode, but at the same time there have been numerous positive feedback about the always online features.  To quote what she said exactly “We recognize that there are fans–people who love the original SimCity–who want that,” she said. “But we’re also hearing from thousands of people who are playing across regions, trading, communicating and loving the always-connected functionality.”  On another note, as some of you may know, a modder found a way to play SimCity offline, and of course Maxis is still sticking to its claims about the always online feature.

EA has provided us with many good and memorable games that could last us a life time, so my response to all of this, they should take responsibility for what has happened here and come clean and ultimately just implement an offline mode. It has been proven possible and it can easily be done.

So tell us what you think of this response of EA’s below in the comments.



Theophilus Fox
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