oprainfall scavenger hunt


The contest is over. Thanks to those that played!

In celebration of reaching one year as a website, we are going to have a scavenger hunt contest on Saturday March 16th, 2013 at 1:00 PM EST.  The hunt will be held and begin on our Facebook wall:

The scavenger hunt will involve following clues around various aspects of oprainfall including the website and forums. If you want to be prepared for the hunt, you should familiarize yourself with these different aspects. There will be 10 clues to find, each containing a letter and another clue. Once you find the last clue, you can assemble all the letters you found for a password, which you will then email to us using the contact form here: https://operationrainfall.com/contact/

The first 10 people to complete the scavenger hunt will receive an oprainfall Collector’s Case, previously only available through donating.  If you missed out previously on the Collector’s Case, this is your chance to get one!

The first three people that email us with the correct password will win their choice of  ONE of the following:

Pandora’s Tower pre-order from Amazon ($40 value) or

The Last Story from Amazon ($30 value) or

Your pick of a Wii game available on Amazon for $40 or less


  1. This contest is for US particpants only. We apologize to our readers and followers that live in other parts of the world, we promise we’ll do something for everybody at some point.
  2. The age restriction is 13 years of age or older. Pandora’s Tower is rated T for teen.
  3. The first 10 winners will be determined by the order in which we receive the correct password via the “Contact Us/ Submit Tips” page on our website. If you send the wrong password we will notify you and you can try again but your answer does not count unless it is exactly right.
  4. Pandora’s Tower is a pre-order and cannot be shipped until the game is available. All prizes will ship to the winners when the collector’s cases are ready for shipping unless you choose Pandora’s Tower as a prize which means your shipment will be delayed until the game releases. We do not have a solid shipping date for the collector’s cases but we should begin shipping them in 4-8 weeks.
  5. Anybody that volunteers for oprainfall in any capacity may NOT play. Those that volunteered in the past may play if they choose. Those that have won prizes in the past can play as well.
  6. No prize substitutions. Please only play if you want the prizes offered.
  7. Winners will be contacted via email. At that time they will need to have a valid US mailing address.
  8. The Hunt will be open for an hour (1-2pm EST), but keep in mind that only 10 people can win prizes. We will notify everybody once all prizes are claimed.
  9. Let’s keep this simple, fun, and cheating free!

We will post reminders as the event gets closer. On March 16th before the event, we will post further instructions Have fun, good luck, and see you all on Saturday!




Ryan Tyner
Ryan is an owner and manager of the oprainfall website, mostly managing changes needed for the website and maintenance. He also writes articles from time-to-time. His gaming interests include mostly RPGs; both Western and Japanese. Ryan has a graduate degree in psychology.