Class of Heroes 2

After an unfunded Kickstarter campaign and a recent survey to gauge interest, Gaijinworks and Monkeypaw have finally finished localizing Class of Heroes 2 and are ready to release the game on the PS store. For those of you who have never heard of Class of Heroes, the game is basically a first person dungeon crawler similar to Wizardry or Etrian Odyssey except that it takes place in a high school setting.

Class of Heroes 2 is set to be released on both the PSP and PS Vita stores on March 26th. Those who intend to get a physical version of the game will have to wait a little bit longer. The limited physical release of the game is scheduled to be released in April. There will be two versions of the cover (as shown below). One will be for those who tried to support the Kickstarter and the other will be for everyone else.

Class of Heroes 2 Box Art

Class of Heroes 2 will cost $24.99 on the PS Store. The physical release will also include a code to get a digital copy of the game. Gaijinworks will start taking pre-orders for the physical release next week and it will cost $34.99.

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