SegaFor this week’s XBLA Deal of the Week, SEGA has given us all a fantastic price on a title that many fans dream of, specifically NiGHTS Into Dreams, followed by several fighting classics, such as Fighter Vipers, Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Fighter 2… and a REAL price-slashing on a great recently released fighting title, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.

The price cuts on these sales really make any of these games worthwhile for a fan of the Virtua Fighter or NiGHTS series. In fact, our own review here at oprainfall gives first-hand experience on why halving the cost on this psychedelic game makes this week the perfect time to daydream and reminisce with this Saturn classic.

Meanwhile, not one but TWO titles from the Virtua Fighter series would more than make a comeback at these low prices. Virtua Fighter 5 was slashed from 1200 down to 400MSP. And with VF2 and Fighter Vipers down to only 160MSP, this is definitely a competitive week for SEGA.

SegaAnd then there is the eclectic title from SEGA, Sonic the Fighters, coming in at 160MSP as well. Being one of the earlier attempts at 3-D Sonic with a varied and unusual roster, this kitschy title is sure to bring a few laughs for such a low price.

As the company blog aptly put it, “So whether you want to pursue your dreams in a unique psychedelic landscape unlike anything in gaming history, or merely pummel all opponents into bloody submission — be they hedgehog or karate master – we have a game that is right for you!” And for these low prices, few would disagree with you, SEGA.


Joel McCabe
Former Staff- Joel McCabe's first personal gaming experience was PITFALL for the Atari 2600 in 1984. Having owned or played on every US-released game console gives a wide history, ranging from fighters, to shooters, to strategy, to plaformers, to JRPG and beyond. Starting with Jumpman for the C-64, he has played games on PC occasionally for nearly 20 years. He currently owns a 360 and a 3DS.