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This past Sunday the 24th, a certain Motoya Ataka, lead developer of the recently released Demon Gaze, answered a few questions that were posed to him by the folks at Nico Nico News. Let’s go ahead and go over some of the questions that were asked, and some of the answers that he provided.

When asked to describe some of the game’s content, Motoya said that the game is staged in a fantasy world filled with swords and magic. The dungeon RPG’s game system allows the player to freely create their character and challenge dungeons and labyrinths to proceed the story, fighting monsters and earning treasure along the way. The ‘Dragon Princess Pavilion,’ a tavern as well as the players’ base of adventure, is also the primary location for the player character to meet with and enjoy the local inhabitants, all of which have some wild personalities.

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When asked about his concept planning for Demon Gaze, Motoya stated that he wanted to be able to fall into the game. He referenced successful series’ Love Hina and Maison Ikkoku, saying that the concept that became his ultimate starting point for Demon Gaze was the idea of the hero living together in a boarding house with all his companions, and the slapstick comedy hijinks that would ensue as time went on.

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Motoya closed the interview by letting everybody know that they intend to continue expanding the Demon Gaze campaign, and makes sure to mention the short novels that were written by Benny Matsuyama. He also suggested that anybody who is interested in checking out how they continue to expand the campaign should go check out the website, as that is where most new information is going to be posted. The link to the website, as well as to the original Nico Nico News article, will be sourced below. Anyway, please enjoy this picture of Fran, the primary heroine from Demon Gaze.

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