Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade, known in foreign countries and even to some people in the US as Queen’s Blade Online, is Aeria Games’ newest upcoming MMORPG. The game, which features only female characters, is set to take place on a sort of post-apocalyptic futuristic earth. Because the earth has been invaded by an alien species known as the Narak, the player begins their journey in a high-tech underground base.

From there on the player will journey through a great deal of new environments, fighting all sorts of strange creatures along the way.


But what good would a game like Scarlet Blade be if there weren’t a few diamond locations for players to go have fun and frolic in, in this hell of a world? Nestled within the frozen mountains is a sunny beach oasis just waiting to be found. There’s also a nightclub, for all those players who’re just lookin’ to get down. Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots of those locations, so please just enjoy these instead, ohoho!


Scarlet Blade

Anyone who’s interested in signing up for the upcoming closed beta test should go to the official website, at this link. There’s also new information being posted frequently at the Scarlet Blade Facebook page, so be sure to check that out as well.

Joey Williamson
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