monster hunter frontier g
The new blood on the Frontier for Windows and 360… Class is in session!


From across the Pacific, Famitsu has recently published news of a new trailer video regarding the eagerly-awaited new beast-carving game from Capcom, now titled Monster Hunter Frontier G. In this video, a whole new monster has been unveiled, named “Anorupatisu”, with features similar to a sawtooth shark, cutting through an ice-covered body of water in the same predatory manner as any classic JAWS movie.

Able to both fly and swim, using what appears to be an icicle-based breath attack early on in the trailer, this upper-class monster seems to be one of a half-dozen massive predators that will challenge daring young hunters in numerous ways. This new monster also appears to have a rivalry/predatory relationship with another hulking beast in the arctic climates, shown with features similar to a bull seal, only with exaggerated tusks and a wicked slide.

The others run the course from a blazing sabretooth and new varieties of old favorites, all the way to a massive shen long that dominates the air with plasma. Outside of the video trailer in our source, there is other news, including a release date of April 17th. Capcom is also releasing a Premium Package on this title for both the Xbox 360 and Windows PC at a price point of 6090 yen ($65.66 USD), tax included. With this omake, there are a total of SIXTEEN different bonuses, including but not limited to a choice from a pair of longswords, hunting horns, bows, full armor sets, a special gem, and several in-game ticket and point bonuses. Exclusive to the bonus armor set is a special skill named “Kill Taste +1”, which activates after using a grindstone to enhance food use for 30 seconds, according to the available translation. More information on this title and these fearsome challenges will come with future articles.


Joel McCabe
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