Prey 2

A new countdown website has sprung up that just may contain references to Prey 2 – a game that was thought either cancelled or delayed. While no official news has surfaced at this time, the source code for the website may offer some tantalizing possibilities. Although the site’s original source code has been supposedly altered, some nifty folks were able to grab a screenshot of it. In it, the words “Prey,” “Prey 2,” “Bethesda Softworks,” and “Human Head Studios” appear. In the “new” source code, these words have been removed, but near the very bottom of the page,  the phrase “Tommy needs your help” can be seen – a possible reference to the protagonist of the first game?

Although the teaser site is, as far as I am able to deduce, completely unintelligible, the source code does seem to show that it’s counting down towards March 1st, 2013. Perhaps news will surface over the coming weeks?


Daymon Trapold
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