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While the announcement for the localization of Atelier Ayesha for the PAL region was not too long ago, earlier then that, NISA announced back in late June – Early July that they would be localizing the game at their Anime Expo panel. Long before that, Gust was acquired by Tecmo Koei, buying all of the shares of the company from the stakeholders for 2.2 billion yen.

So it comes to this particular piece of news that already has many scratching their heads. Recently, it was noticed by a few that Atelier Ayesha seems to have gotten approved of by the ESRB and now listed on their website.

Atelier Ayesha ESRB Rating

As you can see above, the publisher, instead of listing as NISA, is Tecmo Koei’s American branch. Very strange, but not out of the norm either. Could it be that Tecmo Koei, who of course owns Gust, decided to start localizing their games instead of relying on others like NISA? Guess we will find out soon enough.

Product details below.

Atelier Ayesha ESRB Rating 2

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