Valhalla Knights 3

Valhalla Knights 3 Special Edition is due for release on the PlayStation Vita on the December 20, 2012 in Japan from Marvelous AQL.

Valhalla Knights 3
Physicians heal not only physical ailments but they also “heal in all aspects.”

As we reported on before Valhalla Knights 3 has something like a red light district where players can pick up women of the night. Looking at the above picture and the caption that was under it, it looks like even if these girls are not scattered around the world, girls who look like they might be are thrown into the game as well.

Carlos and the Hero, who will be pretending to be prisoners of the empire as a spy Beigen, infiltrate Doom prison, the “Prison Castle.” Before the two infiltrate the castle they make a union with Paul in order to help gather intelligence of “Face’s wound” and relying on such. This is where the story starts.

Valhalla Knights 3 is using a real time battle system, allowing players who are controlling the main protagonist to instruct other characters. With certain types of enemies using targeting you can overwhelm an enemy. Fighting styles will allow you to use concentrated magic attacks as well as strategic attacks. If you guard a lot while an enemy is attacking you, your able to return the blow followed up by an ally destroying the enemy. What this means is that players will be able to take advantage of the parry attacks when you come across a particularly strong enemy

Enemy leaders are also in charge of giving out orders to their party. If you take down the leader of the pack the other enemies will lose out on their strategy and make them easier to kill. The down side of doing this is that you will lose the possibility of a rare treasure chest appearing and you will receive less experience for the battle. Each player will have to decide in each battle which action would best suit their needs.

Whenever you attack an enemy, your boost gauge will increase. When your gauge is maxed out, you can use the ability up boost. By utilizing this you can defeat formidable foes.

Valhalla Knights 3 Official Site has character information, battle system updates and lots of hand information that has been updated several times.

A special thanks to Jodie Langford for translating and writing large sections of this text.


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