Pandora's Tower Box Cover

Hey, North American Wii U fans! If for whatever crazy reason you don’t already own a copy of Pandora’s Tower on your Wii, and are still looking to complete your Rainfall Trilogy, then you’re in luck tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow Pandora’s Tower is heading to the North American eShop as a digital download. Better yet, it will only cost you $19.99, which is a bargain seeing as how the physical version now costs at least $30 online, if not more. Though we here at Oprainfall of course love all three of the games in the Rainfall Trilogy, I personally have a soft spot for Pandora’s Tower, since it is the closest I have come to playing a 3D Castlevania game. At least, a 3D Castlevania game that isn’t utter crap.

Pandora's Tower

If you have any relevant questions about the game, feel free to check out our official review. It really is a quality Wii title, and playing it on the Wii U is a great prospect for those who missed out.



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