There has been news concerning the battle system in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Tidbits of information have been found on the Official Lightning Returns Facebook, where there was a hint concerning the customization of Lightning. It was stated that the mechanics of the battle system will be different from the previous games, and that the customization of Lightning will go beyond just changing the looks of the protagonist, but rather also her stats based on her costume and weapon.

Lightning ReturnsThe question is…will they go down the FFX-2 route, or will they just throw in the customization features as eye-candy more so than a substantial battle strategy? Will her wearing a bikini mean she is lacking in defense, and yet boosted in terms of speed? These are the types of questions we would like answered, and although Yuji Abe has stated that the status will change based on the weapon and costume of choice, how much of a status change this imparts is still unknown. Will it be drastic, or just another gimmick?

What strikes me as odd is the notion that the battles have been said to be “easy to understand.” Whether that means an ease in terms of execution difficulty, or it just means a simplified battle system where not a lot of actual strategy needs to be employed, it is still debatable.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is expected to release in 2013.


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