After being featured in an article on GoNintendo and reading various comments, we have noticed that there is some negativity towards our campaign. It is not that people are against the idea of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy being localized, but that they believe that it is too early for one of these campaigns to even exist. Their reasoning behind this is that the game just released in Japan and that there could not be any localization plans yet since they have been focused on just completing the game. That is a very accurate statement, and they are correct, we should give the developers time to begin localizing thee game before we get up in arms about it, usually. However, the reason the localization page exists is a comment from Bravely Default’s creator, Tomoya Asano, who said in an interview, “ I know that we don’t have plans to bring the game over to America yet, but thank you for your interest in the game. Keep talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, and keep watching for new info from us!” This quote pretty much said that Asano wants to localize the game but wants to see if there is any reason to, because if nobody buys the game, then the company just wasted money and definitely wont want to localize any games related to the series. He wants us to make some noise, and we want to make some.

They already have another game, that makes “Bravely Default” a series. This means there will be more games in the future, and they all need to come to the west!

Finally there is one last reason for the page, raising awareness. As was stated earlier the game needs to sell to be worth coming over here. With this campaign we hope more people will hear about Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, want it, and buy it. In return we may get additional titles from the series. This game deserves to be localized, and we cannot do it without you!

Our mission is simple: to show Square Enix that those in the regions other than Japan want the game, "Bravely Default Flying Fairy" to come to their shores. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD