Square Enix has just revealed some new screenshots and information regarding a brand new game in the much loved The World Ends With You series. The fact that their last TWEWY announcement was an iOS port of the original game induced quite a bit of dismay among fans, yet the ending of said port filled us with hope once more as it hinted towards a possible sequel. It seems, however, that more disappointment is inbound. The long-awaited new title, The World Ends With You: Live Remix, is a mobile game for smartphones.

Announced alongside The World Ends With You: LIVE Remix is another mobile game based on Final Fantasy. It is a social card-based game called Final Fantasy X GREE, accentuating the collaboration between Square Enix and GREE. The Japanese mobile social service provider is also involved in the development of aforementioned TWEWY game.

This news may come as a let-down to many, but take this news with a grain of salt. It is very likely that TWEWY: LIVE Remix is simply a spin-off considering (without spoiling any story details) the characters shown on one of the screenshots. There’s no hint of that mysterious girl shown in the iOS port’s teaser, so there may still be news of an actual sequel inbound. This may just be ONE of the teased projects SquareEnix are working on, and who knows, at might actually be pretty fun.


Ben Clarke
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