Yesterday, GungHo Online Entertainment announced via its Facebook page that Dokuro’s PlayStation Network release for Canada and Mexico would be delayed two to three weeks.  Today, the actual release date was confirmed via Twitter to be November 6, 2012. GungHo Online tweeted: “Dokuro has been confirmed for Canada and Mexico on 11/06. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience everyone!”  The European release date for Dokuro is still pending, but GungHo Online Entertainment’s staff promises that they will give their fans a concrete release date the moment they find out.

Dokuro is an adorable platformer game starring a plucky skeleton trying to help his unrequited love, a beautiful princess, escape from the clutches of his former master, the Dark Lord.  Dokuro must use his skill and wits to save the princess from a forced marriage with Dark Lord.  As the levels progress, different obstacles and actions are added to the game, increasing its complexity.  Also, if Dokuro swallows his magic potion, he can turn into a dashing prince.  As a prince, he’ll have different abilities – he can fight his princess’s enemies and carry her to safety.

GungHo Online Entertainment is also currently sponsoring a Chalk Master contest that runs until Halloween, where fans can draw Dokuro-related artwork in chalk to have a chance at winning Dokuro artwork signed by the original artists!

Operation Rainfall’s Crystal Baltimore has just reviewed the game! You can check out her review here.

Stephanie Yang
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