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Studio Gokumi has announced a new original anime titled Endro~!. The anime is set to premiere in January 2019 and features original character designs by Namori, the writer and illustrator of YuruYuri. Three different promotional images were created for the series, each featuring a different artist.

The first visual is drawn by Namori, the original character designer for the series. You can check out the visual below.

Endro~! | Namori Visual

The second visual is drawn by Izumi Minami, who will adapt the series into a manga for Hobby Japan’s Comic Fire website.

Endro~! | Izumi Minami Visual

The final visual is drawn by Haruko Iizuka, who is adapting Namori’s original character designs for the anime.

Endro~! | Haruko Iizuka Visual

Kaori will direct the series at Studio Gokumi. Kaori has previously worked on shows such as Yuyushiki and How to keep a mummy. Takashi Aoshima will work on the series composition. Namori is the original character designer and Haruko Iizuka will adapt Namori’s designs for the anime.

The official website for the series hints that the anime will be an “everyday fantasy.” A figure is also being produced for the project by Amakuni. Grizzry Panda will design the figure.

Endro~! is set to premiere in January 2019. Will you be watching this series once it premieres?

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