In an interview yesterday with Gematsu, producer Hideo Baba revealed that, at the current time, there are no plans to bring the Tales series to the Wii U.  Due to the unique design of the Wii U which features the use of two different screens (the TV and the controller), it may be difficult to create an RPG.  Since RPGs are typically fairly long games, Baba stresses the need to “create a game in which the gameplay will help the players feel less stress.”  So Tales fans, don’t hold your breaths waiting for a Wii U game!

In the same interview, Baba expressed an interest in bringing Tales of Xillia 2 to western countries.  Encouraging gamers to continue showing interest in Tales of Xillia 1, he hinted that it might be possible to bring Tales of Xillia 2 stateside if there was enough interest.  However, when Tales of Innocence R for the Vita and Tales of Vesperia for the PS3 were mentioned, Baba explained that the number of titles that the Tales team will be able to localize is limited – don’t expect too much for those two titles.

Hopefully, we’ll eventually see some more Tales titles slated to come out stateside.  However, only time will tell.  All that’s left to do is wait – and keep on showing interest in and supporting the series.


Stephanie Yang
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