Deadly PremonitionEvery once in a while, you pick up a game that is so strange and fascinating and different, that you can’t help but fall in love with it; that, or wish you would have rather wiped your backside with the money instead.  Deadly Premonition was one of those games that garnered a hate/love relationship.  Regardless of which stance you take on the game, Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is coming to the Ps3 with new goodies that fans will enjoy, and critics will scoff at.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut includes the updated HD version of the old game, with some new goodies to boot, such as DLC, a new scenario, and some much needed upgrade to the control system of the previous version.

Is it worth buying?  Well, that largely depends on your outlook on the old version.  If you loved the old one, it’s probably a given.  If you have never played Deadly Premonition, perhaps now is your chance!

My opinion on this game is a little bias, seeing as I adore everything and anything that gives me something new in terms of not only content, but presentation.  This game is strange, interesting, and quite fun for those of us with a strange liking for unusual games.  Do not expect the same  scare that you may receive from a Silent Hill game (at least the wonderful old ones, not the new…but that’s neither here nor there), nor the same compelling insanity found in Fatal Frame, but this is still a solid game for those who are thirsting for a change, and a strange story line at that.

Whether it merits upgrading for those who have already beaten Deadly Premonition I cannot say.  We will see later on when reviews come out regarding how much of an upgrade this game truly is content and control wise.

Happy gaming!


Ceruleath Noreleth
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