Dokuro, the platformer game starring the cute, chalk-drawn skeleton of the same name has just come out for the PlayStation Vita!  To celebrate, GungHo Online Entertainment has announced a Chalk Master Fan Art contest lasting from October 16, 2012 to October 31, 2012.

To enter, fans must submit Dokuro-themed drawings – with one stipulation.  It must be chalk!  There’s a bit of wiggle room though – cellphone chalkboard applications and photo editing can let you enter the contest without getting chalky hands.

Contestants must submit their creations as an attachment to [email protected], and include their full name and mailing address in the email.  The GungHo staff will pick two winners – one randomly selected and one selected for creativity, and will post all the entries on their Facebook page.

Winners will receive an exclusive hand-drawn Dokuro piece signed by the original artist!

Check out the official contest page here.

Prizes for this Chalk Master contest can be seen on GungHo Online Entertainment’s Facebook page!

Stephanie Yang
Stephanie loves MMORPGs. Especially Ragnarok Online. She also is a bit obsessed with Fire Emblem. That's all you have to know about her.