Nintendo has announced on its Miiverse website that changes are coming to the social media platform this Summer. New features are being added to Miiverse, like the ability to create a photo album that can store 100 screenshots (but oddly, it’s private and not visible to other users), and a Play Journal that lets you write about your experiences as you play your games in short blurbs, like Twitter. Miiverse users can see everyone’s Play Journal entries when they look at the redesigned community page for a particular game, as well as drawings and discussion boards. The Play Journal is replacing the Activity Feed, but users will not be as limited to how much they can post in a day, as they can now post 30 comments per day.

Full details can be found on Nintendo’s Miiverse page here. These changes are expected to take effect sometime this summer.

Joe Sigadel
Joe is the reporting manager for oprainfall, he is also a broadcaster on Twitch and loves showing off many of the games we report about on his channel. He has also been known to defended Senran Kagura from those who only want to accept it at face value.