Last week at the Tokyo Game Show the development team for Phantasy Star Online 2 answered some questions about the upcoming PS Vita version of the game (original Q&A in Japanese here).

Phantasy Star Online 2 has a number of Ships (servers) available to play on. These Ships are further divided into Blocks. In addition to the Blocks useable only by PC players, some Blocks will allow cross-play between PC and PS Vita players. “However, team chat will be viewable regardless of which block you’re in.” So don’t worry about missing out on what your Team is doing!

The PS Vita version of PSO 2 will be free to download from the PlayStation Store, free to play and all online like its PC counterpart. It is slated for release in Japan sometime in the Spring of 2013.

“Since PlayStation Network accounts are tied to Vita memory cards, you will only be able to have a single account per memory card.” This means if you want to have more than one character you’ll need to pay cash money (referred to as AC or “Arks Cash” in game) for the privilege. However, one character may be enough for most people. Once you’ve created your first character, you can change class in game. Your character levels up individually for all three classes, so  you’re basically getting three characters in one!

Another feature worth mentioning is the loot. Gotta love it. And the great thing is, you can pick up every item you see without upsetting anyone! That’s right, Phantasy Star Online 2 boasts individual loot. No one can see or pick up your drops. Everybody gets their own. No divvying up the Meseta, or arguing over who gets the rare that dropped.




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