Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Time to save the princess…Again!

The latest Nintendo Power just unravelled some juicy new info on the story of the upcoming Paper Mario game for the 3DS.  Apparently, the plot revolves around a Sticker Comet that can make wishes come true.  The game begins during the Sticker Fest, where the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom come to witness said Sticker Comet.  Of course, Bowser appears to crash the party and claim the comet for himself, breaking it into many small pieces in the process.  A crown that makes Bowser more powerful just happens to fall on his head, leading to him to doing what Bowser does best: kidnapping Princess Peach.  It’s then up to the papery persona of everybody’s favourite Italian plumber to get them all out of this sticky situation.

This time around he won’t be adventuring across towns like the previous Paper Mario titles however.  The levels will be arranged as stages in various worlds, much akin to traditional Mario platformers, ending with Mario gaining a comet piece.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Can’t help but miss Rogueport though…

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is set to release on the 11th of November this year, so make sure to write that date down in your sticker book.

[SOURCE: Nintendo Power]

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