Picotto Knights, a new free-to-play action RPG, is making its way to release in Japan.  The PlayStation Vita game from Game Arts is expected to release on September 20th and use micro-transactions for various special in-game items.

Picotto Knights will have a side-scrolling perspective with real-time combat.  You take control of a soldier called a cocoroid and team up with either three players online or three AI characters to take on every dungeon in the game.  The cocoroid is billed as highly customizable from skillsets to appearance to weapon handling.

Also, a trademark has been filed in the U.S. for Picotto Knights.  Though nothing has been confirmed as to any North American release, a number of gamers are hoping that this will lead to a western localization.

Here is a trailer for Picotto Knights:

To see more (WARNING: though a Google translation is included, understanding of Japanese may be needed) click here.

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