Picnic Nico figure promo

Picnic Nico Yazawa figure

Following her recent birthday on July 22nd, Nico Yazawa of Love Live will be receiving a new 1/8 scale figure courtesy of Good Smile Company. She looks like she is ready to head out to the park for a picnic, and her pose appears to be based on her characteristic “Nico Nico nii~” catchphrase from the anime.

The upcoming figure comes from the recent Akihabara Love Live! Café Campaign, wherein fans voted for which character best fits the picnic theme. Nico won the vote, and after some celebration images were created, they were adapted into this figurine.

The figure comes with two boxes of food and a canteen, inside the basket in the images above. They can be removed and shuffled around inside the basket as well. Pre-orders are open for the figure, selling for 9,257 yen, approximately $74 USD. Good Smile expects to release the figure next March.


Chris Melchin
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